#HaikuNo61 -Thinking

under the willow
tree i sit, at peace
splash! a frog jumps in the pond



Just learning

Hey guys,

I’ve been writing a lot these days, and thank you for liking my posts. Trouble is, I’ve been writing a lot but no feedback xD so if you guys have any suggestions for me on writing poetry, drop a comment, I’d appreciate it.

And I don’t usually read poetry, but a recent book called ‘All We could have Drowned’, a book of poems published by my friend has spurred me into action. Any recommendations on poets to check out? Drop a comment. At the same time, I’d just like to say that ‘All We Could Have Drowned’ is a fantastic read, you can order it from Flipkart or Amazon and I mean it when I say it’s worth every penny.

Once again, thanks so much for liking my posts and giving me incentive to write more!


Ode to Chai

The cars fly by, impassive,

To the people on the street, who

Walk past the roaring sea.

Caught up in their own lives

A bottomless pit

They have only one constant



As evening falls and

The crow roosts at home

The cup of brown nectar

Prepared with Parle-G

To tease one’s taste buds

Arrives magnanimously

As if a bridegroom

In a baaraat


And the angry young chap

The impatient young lass

The wise old man and

The attentive old hag


All watch the sea in unison

Its ever-stretching vastness

The horizon’s limited infinity

And take a sip from that porcelain cup


One syllable escapes their mouth,

And that is, ‘Ahhh’.