#HaibunNo3 – Power

The poor man on Dr AB Road comes to beg everyday. I’ve seen him in that destitute state for 5 years. Those 5 years in which I’ve grown from being a naive young boy to a solemn young man. His white kurta, spotless as always, attracts my attention. It billows around him, like some kind of massive cloak. His ribs are visible through it.

For decades in India we’ve been hearing the void promises of ‘Roti! Kapada! Makaan!’ While some have delivered, the problems of education and poverty still plague our nation. Suddenly, one starts to think: is this disparity? Is this done just to serve the rich elites who control the rest of our country?

We’ve had good leaders in the past. But right now, our country is ravaged by so many problems. It’s a continual cycle. Keep the common man angry, fuel the fire, then translate that into votes for yourself in the coming elections. Taking advantage of your own people for your benefit? Corruption, that black snake, has poisoned the highest levels of our bureaucracy and government. I remember a quote by Nelson Mandela:

As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.

the farmer has but
a mere morsel; he is weak, frail
the politician aptly grins

The phrase ‘Roti! Kapada! Makaan!’ literally meaning to food, clothing and shelter refers to basic necessities of life, which was and still is a popular political slogan in India



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