#HaibunNo1 – Constant

Mumbai, ahh Mumbai. The city that never sleeps. That’s what they say. To me, it seems like a live, sentient organ of the vast being that is India. Mumbai is India’s pulsating heart, vibrant, busy every day, never stopping for anyone, politician or commoner, billionaire or beggar. It just moves on in a constant matter, with an unstoppable momentum of its own, just like a sleeping giant perpetually awakening.

Life in the city never takes rest, it goes on round the clock, 24 hours 7 days, you name it. The city buzzes to life in the early hours of the morning, where not the rooster, but the crow signals the start of the day. Caw, caw! It’s become a literal alarm clock for everyone in the city. Crows are the recurring motif of the city, spread over everywhere. Cawing for every occasion, birth, death, promotion, you name it. The crow characterizes the city.

Thinking about this, I remember a quote by Christopher Morely:

All cities are mad:  but the madness is gallant.  All cities are beautiful:  but the beauty is grim.

This is so Mumbai. The madness, the rush of people going to work, is so bold in its own, mysterious way, and yet whatever charm it does have about itself, is gloomy somehow.

it’s early morning
the city buzzes to life
in my bed, I yawn

rickshaws, cars, commotion
life continues, but I see
a crack in the sky

This was my first attempt at a haibun! A haibun, if you don’t know, is a combination of prose and haiku, basically, the thoughts of one on a particular subject and haikus related to that. Do post comments if you have any feedback!



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